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Why does My PS3 turn off all of a sudden?


About a week or two ago my ps3 started to turn off without notice I mean like Im playing for about 3 mins and all of a sudden it turns of or sometimes I play up to 20 minutes then it turns off. But heres the weird part I have another PS3 thats not mine but it never turns off or anything. My question is why is my ps3 turning off at random points. Also I noticed when my router disconnects from the internet my ps3 turns offf. It can also be that the power went out on the whole house and I had my ps3 turned on so It might of messed it up but I dont know. What might the problem be and is it fixable.

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  1. If the PS3 turns off and the red light on it is flashing then the PS3 is over heating. TUrn it off for awhile to let it cool down. However then fan may be damage or it may have a lot of dust built up. So you might have to clean it or send it to Sony for repair.

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