Home Xbox Forum Why are Jasper Xbox’s so damn hard to find?

Why are Jasper Xbox’s so damn hard to find?


THEY MAY AS WELL NOT EVEN BE SOLD AT ALL!! It’s like trying to find a friggin diamond mine.
If Microsoft says they’re being sold, why are their only like a few thousand in stock?

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  1. Ok first of all i just bought a xbox 360 arcade jasper at gamestop last friday. It was the newest one with 512mb internal memory and NXE already loaded onto it.

    I think that the arcade is the only way to easily find jaspers. Just go to gamestop and show them what you want the serial number to match up to and have them look through their stock to try and find one. But i doubt you will find a pro jasper or and elite jasper.

    So you might as well did what i did, buy a jasper arcade, and then you can buy a $20 hdd.

    For a while you could buy the new 512mb arcades off amazon, they were a guranteed jasper, you might want to check it out.

    But i would highly recommend waiting for a jasper, it is nice and quiet and cool i love it.

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