Which is better the Xbox one or PS4?

Which is better the Xbox one or PS4?


I’m looking to get either one of the consoles, I don’t wanna just jump in there and spend

400-500 on a console that might not be as good as the other. So my question really is what does the Xbox one do and what does the ps4 do, which is better?

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  1. I’ll let you know after they’ve both been released and we can get some actual first hand info rather than relying on press releases and biased over-opinionated fanboys

  2. the real question is: which console has the games you want to play. if all you are going to do is play Fifa and COD.then it really doesn’t matter.

  3. What is better! A console where communication comes first or a console with power but with rubbish communication?

    The Xbox Live is well known for its cross-over chat and party chat. Easy to join other friends games and easy to make friends.

    The PS Live was a complete and utter joke regards to speaking in game.

  4. Its all opinion man. If you like indies and single player games get a ps4. If you like shooters and multiplayer get an Xbox one

  5. Well the ps4 is cheaper and doesn’t require a camera like the xbox one does. And also the ps4 has the GDDR 5 in it which is better than the xbox one’s 3. Also the ps4 is dedicated to gaming only while xbox is trying to be an entertainment system so the RM available for gaming is lower on the Xbox One. But what really matters is the Games like the other guy said. Depends on what exclusives you like better but if you are going to buy any cross platform game it doesn’t matter

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