what is the best game for ps3 right now?

what is the best game for ps3 right now?


it doesn’t have to be a exclusive and it has to be under $45. i just ordered mw2 for $0.98+$4.00 shipping on amazon just gonna wait for it to come

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  1. There is not any one game that could be said as the best , everyone has their own opinion of what a good game is but there are a lot of really good ps4 games , old and new

    if you wait for black friday you can buy games such as the last of us , battlefield 4 , gta5 etc, for half price at many retailers so those games may be ones you would like to look at getting , and on friday only a lot of stores will sell one year psn plus cards for $29,95 so that is another option that could get you a lot of good games.

    psn will also have a sale this weekend for black friday , they won’t announce what games will be on sale yet but there will be 50% during this flash sale so you could pick up some games that way.

  2. Under $45 for a PS3 game. Batman Arkham City, Metal Gear Solid 4 and Uncharted 3 are about 20-30$ today, and they’re all awesome games.

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