VLOG # 1: Buying my first XBOX ONE at Best Buy!!!

VLOG # 1: Buying my first XBOX ONE at Best Buy!!!


I guess you can call this video a vlog or some sort but, on November 7th, Best Buy had this sale where if you buy an XBOX ONE, you’ll get a free game alongside with a gift card. A very, VERY early Christmas present/black friday haul that I bought for myself and So, I HAD to go in and take in on this deal that I cannot pass up. BTW the video ends at 6:31 and I just wanted to get it outta the way.

VLOG # 1: Buying my first XBOX ONE at Best Buy!!!

Today was a fun day!
The boys all go to Best Buy and come home with a new XBox OneS! Plus a bunch of 4K movies to play in it.
Ender is still practicing using his Clever Pet treat toy!
We have a great family dinner that mom cooked herself!

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XBox One S!! Trip to Best Buy!

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  1. BTW now I'm twelve my father has not even buy for me any Playstation or xbox and he said that I only can get when I'm fucking 17 while I see youtubers I fucking see kids which are under my age but they got xbox WTF

  2. I bought my Xbox on new years eve at like 5 am at Walmart lol they were selling it for $300 with 3 games and I couldn't pass up on it

  3. buying one this Friday. really want to upgrade my console. I had my ps3 for too long xD had it since 2012. time to let it go.

  4. hey bro i recently brought Xbox one and I've got gears of war ultimate edition, Forza horizon ,and rise of the tomb rider. and I've want GTA5 anyone who are interstd can join me gt:penitentpie365
    and i go first I've already been scamed for over 3 times

  5. Wow… looking at the likes to dislikes ratio, people respect the hell outta this guy just because of his voice…

    R.I.P 12 year old squeakers

    My voice broke so my comments section is friendly and civil, helps a lot!

    Good video

  6. I'm sorry if I sound retarded but is Jessy a girl or a boy? The earrings and lipstick throws me off.

  7. Jayden & Jesse want a dog treat!! Guess you'll have to get a CleverPet for them, too!! Lol! "My three 12-year olds." Ha ha! Actually…I've gotten to the point that, if someone refers to me as "one of the boys" I consider it a compliment! So, I think you may have just made Urgo's day!!

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