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Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End – 5 Hour Speedrun Walkthrough (Charted! – Speedrun Trophy Guide)


This Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Speedrun Walkthrough shows the full game from beginning to end (Cutscenes are not included).
The “Charted! – Speedrun” trophy requires you to beat the game in 6 hours or less. I did it in 4 hours, 42 minutes, 34 seconds.
Most importantly, cutscenes add to your total time so you must them all. Some are unskippable.

I also ended up with 83% shot accuracy. You need 70% accuracy for the “Sharpshooter” trophy.

Speedruns Tips:
– The timer stops during loading screens and when you pause the game.
– Play on Explorer difficulty (does not disable trophies)
– Enable Auto-Aim in options (does not disable trophies)
– Enable Infinite Ammo & Use the Barok .44 revolver from weapon select. It kills almost everything in one hit. Cheats are unlocked after beating the game for the first time on any difficulty (Cheats don’t disable trophies)
– Remember that you can fire from the hip while running past enemies. Works great at close quarters.
– You don’t need to kill every single enemy. Sometimes you can run past entire enemy encounters without killing.
– You are allowed to create manual save games and can quit the application. There’s no need to do it in one sitting, the trophy will unlock regardless.
– If you have a progression glitch simply quit the application and continue the story, it should load up fine (infinite loading screen, game crash, NPCs not doing what they are supposed to).
– If you die or restart checkpoints it will keep counting your time (it won’t reset the time to the last checkpoint).
– You can check your playtime anytime in the statistics. Compare with the time in the video to get an idea where you’re standing. I had plenty time left for the trophy.
– The Puzzles can cost you a lot of time if you don’t do them perfectly. Look them up in the video, I show them as quickly as possible.

All in all, beating the 6 hour requirement isn’t too difficulty with auto aim and cheats. Just remember to skip every cutscene.


Prologue – 0:05
Chapter 1 – 5:12
Chapter 2 – 14:00
Chapter 3 – 29:43
Chapter 4 – 37:10
Chapter 5 – 40:06
Chapter 6 – 45:47
Chapter 7 – 1:00:57
Chapter 8 – 1:10:04
Chapter 9 – 1:33:19
Chapter 10 – 1:48:02
Chapter 11 – 2:06:26
Chapter 12 – 2:34:40
Chapter 13 – 2:49:06
Chapter 14 – 3:02:11
Chapter 15 – 3:10:27
Chapter 16 – 3:18:28
Chapter 17 – 3:29:27
Chapter 18 – 3:50:45
Chapter 19 – 4:05:20
Chapter 20 – 4:17:32
Chapter 21 – 4:31:55
Chapter 22 – 4:38:19
Epilogue – 4:45:55

Chapter 8 Puzzle (Light Beams at Door) – 1:22:00
Chapter 9 Puzzle (Water Bucket & Wheels) – 1:34:14
Chapter 11 Puzzle (Clock Tower) – 2:08:12
Chapter 11 Puzzle (Founders Puzzle with Symbols) – 2:17:14
Chapter 12 Puzzle (Spinning Symbols) – 2:44:00
Chapter 19 Puzzle (Walking over explosive Traps) – 4:14:44

*Special thanks to PlayStation for providing a free review copy of Uncharted 4*

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Uncharted 4: A Thief's End - 5 Hour Speedrun Walkthrough (Charted! - Speedrun Trophy Guide)

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  1. I got 5:28 with ~90% hit ratio. Easy, even when you have no idea where to go at times. Thanks for guiding me through the puzzles I already forgot since the first playthrough. ^^

  2. I'm on chapter 10 I hope I can beat the game in les than 6 hour or I will died haha no second time

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  4. Once you get the dog in the game, go back to the freeze gun and make him get the gun out the canister by making him search for resources.

  5. Ghost, didn't you notice the red button in the factory, when you did the first mission for the minute men

  6. I bought a new graphics card still it wont run fast enough to be playable. GTX750ti should be slightly above minimum but still not even playable.

  7. love this best one ever like you are the best love ur shows u r the best hope you get 300k likes

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