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uDraw Game Tablet Review


uDraw Game Tablet Review

uDraw Gametablet: Video Demo


  1. "They'll have fun piddle farting around with it".  lmao. I'm going to start using this in my vocabulary.

  2. OMG an Adventure for Atari reference! Its such a shame a good, silly guy was taken from us so soon. RIP, and thank you for the laughs left behind :*)

  3. It's weird how the thing looks like a Wii U gamepad, let you draw just like on said gamepad and include the (U) from the Wii U…

  4. i got DJHero for that, most times the manufacture isnt the one that lost its faith.
    its usually the warehouse not moving stock for awhile (at all).

  5. actually the correct way using his text as a reference would have been

    Dudes he's a Jew? = Dude, is he a jew?
    He is Jew = He's a Jew.

    Not only are you wrong, but you didnt translate the first one back into a question. jackass.

  6. Turns out, there actually is a Deviantart page for uDraw pictures.

    Anyway, the uDraw had barely any support. There's only 9 games for the tablet, and the Xbox and PS3 versions only have 3 of those games.

    Lastly, I saw this new at a store for only 10 bucks. Yep, THQ has no more faith in this device.

  7. it'll be so nice if this company can pair this tablet with SMASHBROS sow you can creat your own SB chars! or even better…design games where with can import our own avetars into many game GENRES! heheehehehe Thumbs up!

  8. In reality, the problem with uDraw is nothing to do with the device itself.
    It's that they released it 10 years too late.

  9. That because it came with a fucking pen. Who's the inbred retard that thought that using a pen with paper was a great idea to draw??? What the shit, man?? Those idiots totally missed a perfect opportunity to get 10. I hope to God that they don't release an "'Ultimate' Pen and Paper: Pencils and Erasers" because I'm going to be pissed as shit if my copy of Pen and Paper becomes obsolete. I just hope they come out with a Pencil patch or at least a Magic Eraser DLC otherwise I'm going to flip shit.

  10. but 360/PS3 aren't toodlers they are just edgy teens and "new wave" Nerds that don't care about this drawing crap.

  11. wait wait, this thing is crappy and feels outdated and limited as fuck, but real tablets are much, much better and a true investment.

  12. Fucking THQ suits retards, people that want to draw use a drawing tablet on PC, it sold on the Wii because moms and toddlers don't know any better!!!


  13. I've only just ever seen this thing today so i bought one as a stocking filler as at £11 its worth a 5 minute play if nothing else. gotta get these little thing around Christmas guys. Ive bought worse at that price so even if it turns out to be a load of rubbish who cares, honestly

  14. I think it's a bit of fun and to let out their creativity in a cost effective way.
    I hope you don't actually have children because I don't think you understand a child's perseverance and attention span. A 5 year old will get no enjoyment out of high end digital art equipment, try teaching a kid who doesn't want to learn.

    You open their mind to many things, in small fun doses and see what they like. You don't go "here's $2k art equipment, this is your hobby now" pushing kids does not work.

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