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Twisted metal unlimited weapon cheat ps3


Twisted metal unlimited weapon cheat ps3

Twisted Metal Cheats Codes For PS3


  1. Bullshit! If yr bleu controller is p2, then why the bottom of the split screen says ready when you press x on yr other controller? You wasted my time

  2. i just started my game with controller 2 but it wont let me move anything at the main screen with controller 2 only controller 1

  3. how do you get the second controller to work only my first controller doin the movement plus i was told to delete tha game data first

  4. Bro, can you give me the procedure how you did this?

    i tried it many times but it doesnt work in my ps3.

  5. does the infinite weapons carry over to each stage? can you select a stage manually after the first match you "resume" and will the cheat carry over? or do you have to constantly re-enter the cheat before every match?

  6. Been a huge twisted metal fan since the beggining. Saw this for free for PS+ and was ecstatic. I can't believe how fucking hard it is

  7. I'm not sure why, but at the beginning when you say "hello I'm sitting here drinking a beer" I crack up XD

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