The Last Remnant X360 Perfect Walkthrough Part 1

The Last Remnant X360 [HD] Perfect Walkthrough Part 1


The Last Remnant X360 [HD] Perfect Walkthrough Part 1


  1. 21:34
    "The name's Rush… Rush Sykes! Who're you?"
    "I am David Nassau, the Marquis of Athlum…. but people seem to get me confused with 'Tidus of Zanarkand'…."

  2. Ty for this walkthrough man, I love to have 100% Firstrun files and I like this game very much too :D, got it for 3 bucks on Steam
    which weapon Type do you prefer for Rush?

  3. that's was my first game from the next gen and it was very hard and I can't understand how to prepared to battle and wen i need healing what I can do I really hope this help me because I hate buying games and not finish. them sorry about my English

  4. Yo Ashe sorry I haven't watched on in this walkthrough yet, haven't really been playing the game lately. Also trying to decide what leaders to use, been looking them up to see who learns what etc. As it stands I'm going to use Rush, David (Balanced or Mystic?), Caedmon (Combat), Baulson (Combat), Emmy (Combat) and that guy Zolean (Mystic). Chose David over Torgal because both his unique and weapon art hit all enemies and he starts with herbs as does Caedmon and he seems outright better overall.

  5. Rush is voiced by Johnny Young Bosch aka the voice of Ichigo in english and one of the original Black Rangers, Adam.

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