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Super Cheap Xbox One Games Episode 3


Super Cheap Xbox One Games Episode 3


  1. I went a target store the other day out of town and I saw the witcher 3 for $19.99. I passed it up cause I was out of town and didn't really have the money to spare. I checked the website when I got home and can't find it anywhere that cheap. Damn it should have bought it.

  2. i have installed dead or alive ladt round
    but it says u have buy characyer from store
    it has only given 4 player to me

  3. Many thanks Jimmy. I've been wanting AC: Unity for a while and now I'm downloading it on Xbox One for less than £2.00. Bargain!

  4. honest question, why would you make a cover/case for a downloaded game with no disk? can you download the game to a disk?

  5. Jimmy love your cheap video game pickup vids thanks a ton you may help budget gamers like myself, i do have 1 question for you, i have many titles of these on my ps4,s do you know of any games released for both consoles that have an advantage on either one?

  6. Do an episode 4 please?Previous episodes helped me a lot…Just liked and subscribed this amazing channel.Keep up the good work

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