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should i get a ps3? i already have an xbox 360 and getting a vita?


im getting a vita around june and i REALLY want to use the remote play feature. but i dont have a ps3.

and i have an xbox 360 and i just got an hdtv. i would mainly use it for exclusives like uncharted and motorstorm and for remote play and blu ray. would it be worth it? i cant get it till at least november cause of vita and truck parts i have to buy. i think it would be awesome to be able to play bf3 on the go and stuff like that.i also play my xbox alot and i love it so i probly wont game on the ps3 as much as the xbox.

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  1. i hav the vita and th ps3 and both of them are cool you should get the ps3 so you can remte play with your ps vita with ps3 games like killzone 3 and battlefield 3 add me on ps vita and ps3:carlos345434434

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