Should I buy GTA V for Xbox 360 on sale, or for...

Should I buy GTA V for Xbox 360 on sale, or for full price on the Xbox One?



  1. The Xbox1 version. Much better graphics, you have the first person mode on that too.

    The 360 version is good but the one version wins hands down (i recently revisited my 360 game and the difference is huge.)

  2. Up to you. The main difference is first person mode on Xbox One.

    Not sure why you bought an Xbox One in the first place but.

  3. buy it for xbox one deffinately. it has way better graphics on xbox one, its still good on xbox 360 so if your not wanting to spend loads or need to buy something else then 360 but if you have it to spend xbox one 100%

  4. XBOX One for sure. More content and better graphics to say nothing of the ever increasing transfer of players to the new platform.

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