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Should I Buy Call Of Duty 4 on Xbox 360, I Really Want it But Is It Worth Getting?


I have an Xbox 360 with about 22 games and i really want call of duty 4, it’s $110 in the shops and i’m prepared to pay that amount but is it a good game and worth getting?.

(People say it is the best game out)

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  1. In Britain it is game of the year and I have got it. I’ve played for aprroximatley 13 days alltogether and have never been bored of it.

    The gampelay is imense and the the realistic graphics are legendary

    It is totally worth getting dude.

  2. That and Battlefield Bad Company. Bad Company is better in that you can blow up EVERYTHING! COD4 has better graphics but not much in it. Get the Game of the Year Edition of COD4 and you get the new multiplayer maps which are really good.

  3. my husband loved it and has already played it twice to teh end, i would say go for it, why not try ebay to see if you can get it cheaper.

  4. It is this best game out shore but it is quite short on the single player side, and no local multi player. Though looking at your number of games i assume that you go online anyway so multiplayer isnt a problem. But if it is, i would strongly suggest that you get something else or wait for the price to go down caus etheres not much to offer if your not using online

  5. my fiance is up to all hrs playing that game he loves it

    dont buy it in the shops its a rip off, buy it on line or on ebay iwe get all our games from ebay cheap and good qlty

  6. I would if i was you only if you have live cause if u don’t have live then it gets really boring really fast but if you have live then there are many things you can do with people and its really fun to meet new people.

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