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Review – Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3


Review - Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3


  1. most of the allies technology come from the "Futuretech" so the future tech kind of made their own chronosphere

  2. I got this game when I was In grade 5 or 6…….and I thought – "what the hell is this crap? Generals was way better then this"
    truly in comparison though id rate red alert 3 a (2 out of 5) and for CnC generals a (4.5 out of 5. if im not allowed to use fractions then a full 5)
    the only great thing about this game was the dreamworks like cast where they hire a bunch of big name actors/actresses like George Takei for instance

  3. If anyone got past the tutorial in Red Alert 3 and still thought that this was going to be a serious game, they probably should not be allowed to operate heavy machinery.

  4. I actually have this weird idea about a red alert game that has nazi's and space travel, its a weird idea but maybe it could work.

  5. Thanks for making these videos man, I'm a C&C fan and it's nice to see some in depth reviews and opinions.

  6. Pretyt much was "yehaw will put a sexy Women on the cover and fan pander to da males and will lmade a butt load of money"

  7. 15:20 l find it a hell of a lot easier to recover from a superweapon in RA3 than any other C&C game, this is a complaint towards the entire series as opposed to just this particular game.

  8. I wouldn't mind a more cartoony look, but the problem was… when I played the game I didn't know what I was looking at!

    I never completed it, because I couldn't care for what was happening. And I went back to RA2, YR many many many many installs after that one.
    Oh and that wouldn't be possible with RA3, which was ridiculous too. So all in all, a full 3 out of 10. Where RA2 gets a solid 9 out of 10.

    Oh wait, they pretty much completely ditched the money aspect of the game. 2 out of 10. Barely.

  9. Should I get this game if the only rts game I played is age of empires 2??
    it does look good…but like you said , the maps are small :/

  10. "a cartoony artstyle fits this kinda game because frankly it is absurt and silly" No, just no

    Be bonest now, if you compare the new york maps of red alert 3 and red alert 2, which one gets the best resemblance with the real deal? The NY map of red alert 3 looks like garbage, when I play that mission I am not getting the feeling that the battle actually takes place in new york. In red alert 2 i actually get the feeling I am commanding troops in NY.

    Other than the ugly maps and structures, it are the units who ruin the graphics even more. The ammount of units which does not look overexaggerated fake I can count on my hands. The overall sillyness of all units is rediculous not to mention the fact that every fckn unit has to have some dumbass secondairy function. 100% of all units of the empire is one big joke. The apocalyps tank looks like a joke. And the crycopter?? A freeze beam and a shrink beam? What dafuq? Even more stupid than the leech beam and the tractor beam. Sickle, bulldog, stringray, hammertank, twinblade, mig, assault destroyer, guardian tank, every unit of the empire… all look plain stupid.

    The aircraft look shit, take a look on the badger bomber. Total bullshit design. There are only 3 things which actually look nice in the entire game, the water, the kirov airship and the explosions. All the rest? devloped and coloured by 10 year old childeren.

    If you compare generals to red alert 3 what is the difference? generals looks exactly like our world looks in real life, with both units and maps. And red alert 3 looks like a joke, made my childeren. How is it that an old game like generals look 100x more realistic than red alert 3?

    Even today I play red alert ONE occasionally. as Red alert 3 starts to bore me after 10 minutes.

    The only good thing of red alert 3 was that it is a very fast and mobile game which gave a very interactive gameplay, this ofcourse is countered by the the fact that it not only looks like shit, it also has tremendous mincromanaging. Every time you use a support power on the enemy you see all the units scatter. If the AI use it on you, you have no clue it is happening to you. You notice what happened after you realized your units are just gone. The fact that every unit has a secondairy weapon also makes the game very hard to manage. To clear out buildings with infantry, to let your cryocopters shrink enemies takes a lot of micro managing. And this makes it incredibly annoying to fight against AI somtimes.

    If you bombard an allied base with battleships, the AI will continously send cryocopters on a kamikaze flight to shrink and incapacitate your battleships all the time. If you shoot tankbusters or peacekeepers, the targeted infantry will always use burrow/shield ability. And if you select an other infantry that infantry will burrow/use shield while the first starts shooting again. It is just like that machine with which you have to hit retracting moles with a bat all the time. Things like this you cannot micromanage, and the AI can and does that.

    The resource gathering system is also shit. You are litterly forced to set up a secondairy base in order to harvest ore, instead of having a few units guarding an ore field to protect your ore collectors. If EA dumbasses would only change the capacity of ore to 1250 instead of 250, you could atleast do long range ore mining instead of this current crap system.

    You can claim what you want but the graphics of red alert 3 are total fucking bullshit.

  11. I think things like realistic and catoonish are things of degrees, not switch with true false value. And RA3 kinda went way pass the degree people were expecting from the Red Alert series.

  12. I don't think C&C ever looked 'realistic', but with older graphics maybe people thought it was? Err.. Well I love the art style of this game.

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