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Red Ring of Death – Gamers Nightmare!


We all love our Xbox 360s and I’m sure that most gamers will agree with me that it’s a great console but prone to a serious problem which is unreliability. More often than not when a 360 decides to pack up, it’s due to the infamous Xbox 360 Ring of Death which is caused by a general hardware failure in the system. The only way you can properly fix this is by either sending it back to Microsoft, finding a repair shop or by fixing it yourself.

The Ring of Death is an indication of a general hardware failure which is displayed as 3 red lights which will flash around the power button and unfortunately this can happen to many Xbox systems because of a common design flaw. First of all, the clamps that hold the heat sinks and lock in the 2 chips are not tight enough – this allowing movement between them, causing warping of the mainboard at excessive temperatures. By the overheating of the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) and CPU (Processor) the high temperatures can allow movement between the chips which then goes on to cause tiny cracks in the solder joints meaning that the electrical signals can’t be sent properly anymore.

So what can you do to fix the Red Ring of Death?Well, If your warranty is still valid, it’s allways going to be best to get it fixed by Microsoft and this can usually can take a number of weeks to get it repaired. On the other hand if you’re impatient or your warranty is no longer valid, you could find a repair shop but it will cost you money. The last option you could do is to fix it yourself and I’m not talking about wrapping up your Xbox 360 in a towels and letting it run until your system overheats. There are a lot of myths on the internet about this kind of repair and mostly will end up as an unhappy ending.

The problem with the Towel Trick is that it’s one of the fastest ways to fry the components inside your Xbox 360 (as I have done it myself) which will make it more expensive to repair and could result in a new mainboard. After hearing about the xbox 360 towel trick and trying it, it cured the 3 Red Rings for about 5 days but afterwards I was hit by it once again. After the Towel Trick a second time – it was game over for my Xbox 360. I’d left the towel wrapped around it for too long and it overheated because of the excessive temperatures, the mainboard was fried and when I switched it on, all I could see were diagonal lines bouncing up and down my TV. The repair shop wanted a fortune for a repair so I decided I would get myself another one.

After buying a second-hand one from eBay – To my disbelief I was hit again by the Red Ring of Death some months later and was seriously thinking about buying a PS3. Before doing this though I decided to look around on the net for a fix.

After doing plenty of reading up about it and checking out YouTube videos and online guides I figured that It’s not really that hard and there are a number of guides out there that will show you how to do it properly. Since doing the repair myself, my machine is working the best it ever has for 7 months now so some of them do offer the best help. There are a lot of good YouTube videos and other sites out there that are useful but also there’s also a lot of bad info on the internet that can cause more harm to your Xbox than good.

If you have been hit by the 3 Red Rings, your warranty has expired and you want to fix the Ring of Death by yourself then you will need to find a fix guide that is reliable and from a total novice perspective if you’ve never done anything like this before.

How to Fix Red Ring of Death is a website which was created to explain more about the Red Ring of Death or RRoD (as it’s sometimes called) and goes into detail of why you really don’t want to be doing things like wrapping your Xbox 360 in towels. It also looks at the best ways you can go about fixing it yourself and with less risk of causing any damage to it – with reviews of fix guides made by the experts.

If you plan on fixing the Red Ring of Death by yourself, it’s not as hard as it may seem – Good Luck!

Learn How to Fix RRoD [http://www.howtofixrrod.com/rrod_fix/fixingringofdeathonxbox360/] – Fixing The Ring of Death on Xbox 360 could not be easier these days as there as some great guides now available, tried tested and taught by experts.

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