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Pure Hold Em Gameplay & Review


The guys at DZE have a review of Pure Hold ‘Em by VooFoo Studios. This is currently in beta testing but it is already looking to be a good addition to our game library.

Pure Hold ‘Em will be available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC

Pure Hold Em Gameplay & Review

Pure Hold'em - PS4 Let's Play


  1. Ghost players?… yeah, riveting atmosphere. What were the devs thinking; clearly there aren't poker players.

  2. can someone help me maybe ? i cant connect to the server that means i can only play offline and that sucks … so someone know waht i can do to play against other real persons? sry for my english is pretty bad i guess

  3. Sure would be nice if they would update pure hold'em to allow friends in tournaments as the game description suggests.

  4. Really wish we could play tournaments with up to 7 friends as the game description suggests.

  5. no txt chat, no remote play, horrible voice chat.. no camera and not even animated characters. This all is 20 dollars wtf 😀

  6. I've been anxiously awaiting for a poker game for Xbox One for so long, preferably a new Full House Poker 🙁 .

    This game looks so fucking boring. The rating are horrible and the thought of buying extra chips with money after the fact, that their charging $20.00 for the game, just seems fucking ridiculous!

    I think I'll wait. hopefully soon they'll bring an awesome poker game worth buying to Xbox one.
    I guess I'll always have android, not to mention some of those games on droid are almost as good of quality for free.

  7. We purchased our copy on Friday and have played in some open tables online and offline with no issues at all. It comes down to personal preference but everyone here has been happy with game. We are planning a DZE poker night within the week.

  8. Just got back from a short vacation. Am over $100 million. In fact, I've had to STOP and start all over at another Masters Table simply because the programmers of this stupid game can't put $100 million in chips to the left and right of me (open space) and have piled them so far out in front that I can't see the card's which are dealt! No kidding! How stupid is that? Or they could have made much higher denomination chips.

    Look folks… let's be perfectly clear. Any game (and I DO mean ANY game) to be fun has to have a modicum of a challenge! I don't care if it's a software game, football, baseball, or hopscotch! If its not challenging, then its not fun. This game is NOT challenging. It SUCKS! Can you imagine watching a football game and the Quarterback completes his passes each time? Where's the challenge in that?

    At the outset this game is a bit challenging. Why? Because each character you're playing against has a bit (small bit) of a certain style. And, they come against you kind of hard until two things happen:

    1) You get about 50% to 100% above the Buy-In level. In other words, if the Buy In is one million dollars… then you'd better play tight until you hit 1.5 or 2 million. Same if your are playing at the $100 dollar or $1,000 Buy In level.

    2) You learn the style of each player. There are certain players that play tight all the time and I even think the game CHEATS in their favor… but more on that in a minute. Certain players play tight… very tight. Others are medium tight while there are some who are loose and just plain nuts the way they bet. Get to know the players you can walk over by big bluff's and your stack will add up fast. Now let's talk about racism. Yes! Racism!

    For example, down to my left, the first character was Jeremiah Clarke. An older black character with his 2 hands on his lips… looks like he just swallowed a cockroach or sucked on a lemon. Anyway, no matter what I did I couldn't beat him. If I got a Full House and went "All In" against him, he'd call and he would have a better Full House. Okay.. that happens… but WTF? several hands in a row? I could have 3 of a kind… I had 3 Kings for example… and he beat me with 3 Aces! I'd try again with an Ace high straight and he'd come back with an Ace high straight FLUSH! I mean this went on for several days. It didn't matter if I went all in against him or just bet (whatever) against him… he NEVER LOST! Mathematically this is IMPOSSIBLE! So is this racism because he's a black player? Yeah, yeah… I can hear the whiners now saying I'm crazy. But hey! Facts are the fact Jack! I don't give a damn what anybody says… I couldn't beat him till I was way over $40 million and I'd fed him so much he was up to $15+ million. Finally I went all in against him just out of pure frustration and he barely lost. What kind of bullshit is this? This would NEVER HAPPEN in a real game!

    Lastly, I took step-by-step photo's to PROVE conclusively that I won and did not PAY this stupid gaming company for extra chips. I put my camera next to me and each time I kicked up another million, I took a photo. Documented the whole damn process with my Canon. So let me reiterate, I've been playing Texas Hold 'Em for about 14 years. I use to play online but I play at various Casino's here in SoCal and Las Vegas. I'm NOT a professional gambler. Just Joe Average who plays every once-in-a-while. Sometimes I make out very well and other times I walk out with a "Bad Beat" and a little depressed. But I NEVER blow my whole nut. My original investment. So this game was to be the following for me:

    1) To keep me up on the game so-to-speak… keep me hot. Keep me in the groove, etc. Keep me in practice. Whatever you want to call it. But it sure as hell doesn't!

    2) To be fun. But it's NOT! It's BORING and non-challenging to win all the time. Like a Quarterback who never misses a pass! Like throwing darts and hitting the bulls eye each time. The game is too easy and unrealistic.

    Lastly, if it was this easy to rack up $100+ million playing Texas Hold 'Em in real life… instead of wasting an hour or two per week playing this crap… I'd be out on my multi-million dollar yacht with a couple of gals drinking fine wine and listening to Pink Floyd. ;- )

  9. Crap! I started out at the Jokers Table and after about 2 weeks worked
    my way up to the Masters Table where the Buy In is $1,000,000. I've been
    playing at the Masters Table now for about 2 weeks and tonight I made
    over $38 million. Oh, I'd been at $20 million for about a week. Anyway, I
    exited the game as I wanted to play against a bunch of other players.
    When I started the game again… I was down to 123,058! WTF??

    The game is hokey anyway. I've been playing real Hold 'Em here in California at various casino's, in Las Vegas and online since 2002. I NEVER made $1 million let alone $38+ million. I do alright… make more than I lose.. but nothing like in this game.

    Some of the game's opponents NEVER lose or only lose small amounts. There's one black opponent (forgot his name as I played him at the Aces Table).. this black guy NEVER lost! I finally passed him when he was at $6 million and I had double that and quit that level in frustration to play at the Masters Table which has a million dollar Buy In. Then I ran up against this Kapor guy. Mitch or something like that. I forgot. Anyway, for the past 2 weeks he only lost small amounts to me and tonight I finally got him to go "all in" against my high, Full House. I had over $20 million and his loss brought me up to $38+ million.

    So I exited the game and restarted it to play against a group of other players and all my money vanished! WTF? I'm pissed off as even though the game is 1/2 CRAP… at least it keeps one sharp when one isn't playing for real. But now I'll probably just delete the game and hopefully something more realistic will come along. I wrote VooFoo about this issue and depending on what they answer will determine if I keep this game or not.

  10. I have been looking for a poker game to buy. Thanks for the video. I'm gonna buy on Amazon right now. WSOP was good for 360 but haven't seen it for PS4. It had great online play

  11. I've been playing REAL Hold 'Em for 12 years. Bought this game several months ago and it's bogus.

    For example, Willy Martins is a black computer player and Hugo Dupont is white. No matter what I do I cannot beat Willy. Why? Is it because this game favors black players? Similarly, even if I raise Hugo the SMALLEST amount.. he folds! WTF?

    Here's an example. Tonight I got a Queen high Full House. Went in against Willy and he came out with a King high Full House. Okay… that can happen. A Bad Beat as its called. The very next hand I had a King high Full and went all in again against Willy. What did he have? An Ace high Full House! WTF? What are the chances of that? Almost nil!

    A few hands later I had 3 Queens and what did Willy have four 3's! Okay… very unusual but it can happen. The very next hand I had three Queens again (different suit) and went "All In" against Willy. He again had four 3's!!! How in hell can that happen? Not in real poker unless you've been playing forever and won the darn lottery! The odds of that happening are tremendous.

    In fact, I haven't logged out of this game for 3 days.. just turned off the box to live my REAL life then came back to to it when I want to relax (or thought I wanted to relax). Anyway, I've got $3.5 million and Willy? He's got over 1.6 million while everybody else has about $150,000. Why? Because I've beaten them all except Willy and Hugo who folds every time I minimum bet!

    Oh, and I'm NOT going to pay SONY to play live when I play real Hold 'Em at various casino's here in California and Las Vegas. And for the kind of money that SONY wants… its better to pay to play against real people on one of the many Poker sites with a chance of going to a real tournament.

    Another crazy thing is when one folds and there are 2 players left at each end of the table betting.. you're going to go BLIND!
    As the players bet, the camera pans left then right.. then left then right etc., so fast it'll make your head swim and turn you cross eyed! Ever watch a tennis match with everybody's head turning left and right? That's NOTHING compared to trying to follow a head's up against 2 people at each end of this table. Jeez!

    Lastly, when there is a winner the info writing pop's up saying something like: "Willy Martins wins with 3 of a kind." That's okay except for one thing… the WRITING on the screen is so damn large that it's written over the card's! I'd like to see that 3 of a kind (or whatever the winning hand was) but one gets about 2 or 3 seconds to try to look at the table with that huge writing over it. Almost useless.

    The game is pretty.. but it's funky. The lighting on several levels sucks. One has a sunset or sunrise coming into a window facing you and it blinds you and wipes out the table. In real poker this would NEVER happen! I have to throw my big screen TV into Game Mode to be able to view it.

    I'm going to put the game up on Craigslist and let some other idiot buy it (as I feel like an idiot for buying it).. and he can have it cheap!

  12. Ghost players, ghost dealer… floating chips and cards. Renders tablets in place of players. yeah that's so real. What were the devs thinking?!?!? Riveting atmosphere.

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