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PS4 Online: Pay to Play?


Sony just announced that online play will no longer be free on the PS4… to a cheering crowd.

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PS4 Online: Pay to Play?

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  1. And you probably going to have to pay on all devices they create now I'm getting my refund

  2. man I just bought my ps4 and i just found out I have to pay for online man I'm gonna sell this shit back to Wal-Mart I'm buying a new ps3 I'm not paying for shit after I just payed over 300 dollars for this shitty ass ps4 fuck this shit

  3. honestly Microsoft even though their consoles pretty cool the Xbox One there's still as greedy as can be they are stuck and one of the seven deadly sins

  4. fuck sony u trader ill stick with the ps3 intead im not paying bullshit if u make ps5 u better not to pay for ps plus or im just ganna fuck go on the wiu insted u dont need to pay u allready pay for the consoll games wtf

  5. Like it isn't bad that I already have to pay for wifi, ps4, and the games, now I have to pay to play with friends fuck that not doing it nope fuck them fuck that I'm going outside to play real sports

  6. I saved up 200 dollars to find out that you ha e to pay yo play online? fuck it PC MASTER RACE

  7. now I'm starting to think I shouldn't buy a PS4 and if I do it will only be for Minecraft and other games that come out on PS4 only

  8. Do u realise that Annonymous and Lizard Sqaud atack PlayStation Network almost every day.And they lost a lot of money

  9. im not here to judge you, but the pc has free online, and has better fps and graphics, but its your choice if you want to play on console or pc

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