Home Videos PS4 New Model VS Old Models Comparison CUH-1000/1100/1200 – ZRZ

PS4 New Model VS Old Models Comparison CUH-1000/1100/1200 – ZRZ


PS4 New Model VS Old Models Comparison CUH-1000/1100/1200 - ZRZ

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Versus – PS4 Pro vs New PS4

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Versus - PS4 Pro vs PS4


  1. My ps4's power button is not touch screen its a pressing button is it still original? – glacier white

  2. I bought my 1st Gen second hand and I blew it out with a can of air. is there anything I should know as a new owner that has an old used ps4?

  3. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz reaply me i`m want to buy ps4 i dont understand which model is best and what region is best plzzzzzzzzzzz tell me plz

  4. is it the same the cuh 1200 ps4 version or cuh 1206A ps4 version? please help me im getting confuse

  5. so they deliberately didnt release the best of thier capability with the first ps4 and gave it shit storage space, they deliberately held it back to then release a slightly better one to drain the " i have to have the best and newest things" people of thier money lol

  6. i still got my ps3 but i dont have a 4k hd tv so is there no point in getting ps4 pro then? i really dont wanna wait for ps5 since i always loved playing games on consoles i just prefer it over a pc.

  7. Can't watch a video when you open up praising the iphone 7…..sorry but that just makes you look like a tool.

  8. I'm confused, is ps4 enhanced a higher version than the ps4 pro? or is it an enhancement that the ps4 pro has?

  9. can anyone tell me I don't have 4k tv. but can ps4 pro give little more graphics than ps4 Slim on a standard TV

  10. If the PS4 pro is twice as powerfull, then why does it have the same CPU???? That makes no sense to me.

  11. the problem is that exclusive games come only with PS4 in box and if u buy pro u have to pay 70 dollars more for one game

  12. Ps4 pro to me feels like a kick in the teeth I've always played PlayStation since 1995 owned everyone on PlayStations. PlayStation 4 has only been out 3 years and already it feels like its behind the times it was probably behind times at launch. I never played xbox but After watching some streams it feels like Xbox community is better i might be wrong though. plus my ps4 is sluggish and its always slow to snap in and out and xbox looks so Smooth. I gonna change to xbox when scorpio comes out plus scorpio is my star sign ha ha its fate

  13. Ps4 pro is an advantage in multiplayer because a game like planetside 2 runs a bit laggy on ps4 but On ps4 pro its so Smooth and graphics are better I've seen it on a stream and u could see difference. So When Someone in normal ps4 is lagging ps4 pro owner will destroy u

  14. Really want to get a PS4 because of the games that have been released lately… But I'm going to medical school in just a few months and wouldn't be able to make good use of the desktop and console during the years of study. Poor me. lolz.

  15. Kids are going to want a pro soon, oh well can't have everything kids. Mad it does not support 4k blu ray movies!

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