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PS4 Bluray 3D playback Review – 3D bluray player – system software update 1.75


PS4 Bluray 3D playback Review - 3D bluray player - system software update 1.75


  1. I actually hate the PS4 as a 3d blue ray player. It has no remote available, and the controllers run out of batteries too soon. Hoping Sony releases a controller for the PS4…..

  2. So i'm trying to find out, if there's a difference between watching a 3D movie from a USB disc or watching 3D on a 3D blu ray disc? There must be a difference, right?

    For me it sounds, logically, that watching a 3D movie from a Blu ray disc must be better than a USB disc? I've only tried 2 3D movies from USB disc, and those were around 1.5 gb in size, and yes it looked alright, but it must be even better watching from a Blu ray disc that is atleast in size 10 times bigger, if not more.

    Has anyone tried this, if so, is it a big difference?

  3. Is this PS4's model no is cuh1208b cause I,ve ordered the same today online without knowing that it ill play 3D or not. I hope it will.

  4. I really appreciate your review, bro! I've been on the fence about it, but I'm hearing such great reviews – gonna get it today!

  5. Love that, not only will it play 3D but it also can play 7.1. I have a 7.1 receiver and getting ready to buy a Optima 3D projector. I love it when a plan comes together. Thanks for the review. I like your enthusiasm at the end.

  6. i was just thinking of getting a 3d bluray until i checked this.. thanks for the video mate.

  7. I don't have a blu ray player yet and was thinking about the PS4 over the XboxOne and using it as my blu ray player as well as play games so you recommend?

  8. Man I love your review but I'm just now trying for the first time on PS4 a 3d bluray beacause my 3D BD player is busted and the menu isn't giving me an option to select 3D. Do I need to do something profound in my settings? Thanks for any help you might offer.

  9. The 3D playback on my PS4 sucks!!!!, comparing side by side with my old PS3. Images doesn't come off from the screen (if you know what I mean) like on my PS3. In the PS4 it looks like a regular 2D to 3D convertion. I've only used 3D movies for this. I can't understand why there is such a difference between both consoles. I'm very disapponted with the 3D playback on my PS4 and sorry about my bad english

  10. How do you get to play the 3d? I have a 3d-TV and no problems when using my computer. But with the ps4, it seems not possible to lower the resolution to 720p in order to play the 3d. BTW, Zen Pinball shows 3d on the very same PS4, so what did I not see? 

  11. Awesome and when I get mine Birthday or Christmas it's getting Internet on it
    Thanks so much for your Review

  12. im so glad its working for you!!! ive got a ps4 and a 70" bravia lcd led 3d tv.
    I cant get the sound to work,had the update for a week now, oh yes I have a Denon receiver in between not getting my 7.1 shit still fucking around with the cables. will update when I get it sorted…..

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