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Ps3 Will not read any discs?


So here is the story. I just got a new game ( 007 reloaded) and started the campaign. It worked fine for 5 min then it started glitching out. So I restarted me ps3 and it was fine. I deside to play CoD so I put the game in and go to multiplayer. I forgot to switch to my CoD user so I did WHILE in the mw3 main menu. So i change my user and BAM it freezes and my ps3 is making weird noises. I can’t turn it off so I eject the disc then turn it off. When it is on I put ack in CoD and it will not read it at all. I ttied 3 different games and they all won’t read.

I do not get an eror they just to not show up on the XBM menu

HELP please

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  1. sorry but your blu ray disc reader is damaged

    it costs around 80 bucks not including shipping to fix it

  2. THis is going to suck but.

    your $80.00 blueray reader just got fried

    This happened to me and i had to send it to sony

    It its a 2 week $80 repair unless you have a warenty

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