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PS3 or PC?,?


What is more relaiable Ps3 or PC if i want to buy a gaming pc it will cost me 40000 and if j want to buy PS3 it will cost me 20000 and which will give me a good gaming experience

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  1. if you are from pakistan then your 20,000 means 200$ LOL and you can’t buy a good PC (even the low PC) :v

  2. if you want to play solo online PC is your choice has billions of choices for games

    if you want to have fun with your friends on couch with 2 or sticks then console is your choice

    not all games are cross platform

    pc only games : Warcraft , age of empires , counter strike many classics and also modern games

    ps3 only games : Gran tourismo series, Last of us and many more exclusives(96 highly rated exclusives as of 2013 nov)well most of them are japanese

    xbox only games : Halo series , Forza motorspot and many more exclusives (60 highly rated exlusives as of 2013 nov)

    ps3 is still alive and more and more games are being released well with pc you can get any games old classics or latest ones

  3. PC My friend!

    ill give you reasons for both:


    Cheap games and constant sales (my steam library is worth $1234 retail and i paid $412 for all my games)


    Generally older community


    Peripherals (you can use controllers, keyboards or game pads)


    multi monitors

    better graphics

    higher resolutions

    no fee for online


    Easy set up

    Buy 1 time and done for 6-7 years

    no online fee (on ps3)

    more people you know probs own one

    If you want the most out of a gaming experience a pc is the way to go. better graphics, higher frames per sec and higher resolution. the tech is always evolving and there is so many customizeable options not only on aesthetics but on parts and such. So at the end of the day do you want to sit n the couch and play casually and dont care about the experience and use gaming as a pass time? then buy a PS3. If you want to get the best experience out of your games? then buy a PC

    Also i assume you are not from the usa because if they are charging you $20,000 for a ps3 they are trying to scam you!

  4. $20,000 dollars?! For a PlayStation 3? Where are you buying it from?

    I would suggest buying a console over a PC, but I think it depends on what kind of games you want to play. I think a console is better for shooters and stuff, a PC is better for strategies, and a “Leap Frog Learning Pad” is best for “Dora the Explorer” games. I think that overall, Consoles provide the best gaming experience though. I guess that in the end, it boils down to personal preference. Whatever you think is best!

    .20,000 dollars?

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