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Ps3-Caladrius Blaze-gameplay 1


Ps3-Caladrius Blaze-gameplay 1

Caladrius Blaze Review (PS3)


  1. 4:07 – Sweet, I'm getting Batrider/ Muchi Pork flashbacks. Can't wait for this game, I reserved the Chinese/English PS4 port, drops later this month.

  2. Surprisingly, there's a PS4 version of this coming out in June with English Subs… and for only $30/£20 on play-asia. Might be worth picking up for anyone with a PS4 who wants to understand the story 🙂

  3. Nice. I was disappointed by next gen gaming for not having enough shmups available here in the U.S. I grew up playing games like R-Type and Gradius but their developers moved on to other things. Seems like you have to look to Japan for games in this genre now. Oh, and BTW I think they're supposed to be making a PS4 version of this one, too…if they haven't already…..

  4. I completely understand the comment about adding sound. This was a pretty early review for all channel and we have taken this into consideration most of the reviews do have music and sound clips in them now

  5. Could you add some samples of the in-game sounds into your reviews (music)? I always like to know what I'll listen to when playing.

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