POSTAL Redux – Official Teaser Trailer

POSTAL Redux – Official Teaser Trailer


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The classic dark and surreal twin-stick isometric shooter returns with a vengeance!

POSTAL: Redux is a high definition remake of The Postal Dude’s infamous first foray into the world. Prepare to experience his psychological journey with faithfully recreated high resolution visuals, remastered music, sounds, and dialog, and revamped and modernized gameplay. Crazed gunmen out for your blood await you around every corner. The only choice is clear: Get them before they get you. Fight back with a devastating arsenal as make your way through a violence-stricken town.

It’s time to relive the madness of GOING POSTAL!

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POSTAL Redux - Official Teaser Trailer


  1. Somehow it slipped past me in 2015 that there was a DLC released for Postal 2, and again that there was a remake of the original Postal… Ah the days of playing Postal on a Pentium II, the looks of relatives glaring at my beige death machine as the sounds of the damned screamed forth from the Altec Lansing speakers.

  2. We want a Postal 2 Remaster. Not this hatred like shit. UE4 Postal 2 would be the real deal. With mods of course 😉

  3. yo guys i never played Postal. Should i buy the redux or the original?
    Also why so many dislikes?

  4. Postal 2 HD when? You wouldn't even need to add anything, just upgrade the graphics and it'll sell like crack

  5. Why, there's no "Special Delivery" Levels in this game? I guess it would have to much sense, to remake the Postal plus version of the game. Plus mabe the Tokyo and Osoka levels, from Super Postal, but no! Insted, we remake the original 16 leveled postal, without the classic EZ mart, or La Palomino Resort. Were probably going to relase the Addon levels a bit later, for a quick cash-in. Oh, and despite our game being so brutal, were going to cut of the elementary school enging, becouse some people might get offended. Another asshole move, from RWS, great job boys. :)

  6. The length of the video is 1:12
    The emergency-number in a large amount of countries is 112

    This video just invited itself in

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