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Playstation Store Question?


This is my brother question, i’m just re-submitting it for a broader reach:


So my brother and I have separate user accounts for our Playstation 3. The First Strike Map Pack for Black Ops comes out this thursday, March 3rd. If I buy the map pack on my account, can my brother download it, and use it like on the xbox 360? our will we both have to buy it separately?


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  1. Your brother can use it on his playstation 3 as long as you use the same PSN account to download it.

    That would make you guys impossible to play each other online (with friends) if both of your ps3 are using the same PSN.

  2. All Users on the PS3 have access to all content, as long as the PSN account that purchased the content is on the PS3.

    This means, only one of you need to purchase the map pack, and you both will have access to it. If you buy it and then delete your account (or if he buys it and deletes his account), then the content becomes inaccessible until the PSN account that bought it is put back on the PS3.

  3. No, you cannot use it on your xbox 360 and do not buy it. The less support activision and treyarch get the better. You both have to buy it separately if you both are on different consoles. If you download it on your PS3 then you both can use it as long as you both are on the same PS3 and same goes for the xbox 360.

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