PlayStation Plus VS Xbox Games With Gold (May 2017)

PlayStation Plus VS Xbox Games With Gold (May 2017)


PlayStation Plus VS Xbox Games With Gold (May 2017)

How To Get Xbox Live Gold Free 2017


  1. If you have a ps4 than lara croft isnt a so big Deal cuz we already had it on psplus but i will also download it on xbox one cuz it was a good game

  2. Considering PS Plus users got Temple of Osiris over a year ago PlayStation easily has the better games for May. And please learn to say Osiris you were making me cringe.

  3. Its lego star wars. Ps can't win even if that was the only game from Xbox. the other games were a little meh but nothing beats LEGO star wars, its fucking amazing.

  4. xbox gold has the better games for may. playstation plus still continue to suck. What's up with continuing to mention metacritic? those scores are irrelevant and doesn't influence a purchase.

  5. Here we go, more PS fancunts with their sad little ungrateful victim complexes claiming Xbox Gold > PS+ lol… You guys should just sell your consoles and gtfo of this community. Be done with it you broke ass twats!! We already got the some of the games they're giving with XBL, back when they were even worth it.. And STILL these losers complain about PS+, pathetic!!

  6. Xbox always keeps a better give a way. I have PS3 PS4 360 and one, but PlayStation never gives me a reason to pay for the plus. Xbox always had something.

  7. Hey guys hope the tutorial works for you all, let me know if you have any questions?
    Try to use different support chat options and talk to different agents or this will get saturated fast

  8. Trying to get on to talk to an actual person and it said people waiting 0 and then 4 and i was like wtf!!

  9. lol this actually worked XD. Just make a story up, don't directly ask for the membership (act like a noob)

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