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PC vs. PS4 vs. Xbox One Hardware Comparison: Building a Competing Gaming PC


PC vs. PS4 vs. Xbox One Hardware Comparison: Building a Competing Gaming PC

XBox Project Scorpio Performance Analysis! How it Compares to Today's PC Hardware?


  1. $400 dollars can go a LONG way in the gaming PC world. That'd buy a GTX 970 and another stick of RAM, if the rest of your system is good to go. Or a GTX 960 and a refurbished i5 tower with DDR3 if your whole setup is too dated. Both of these options would kick the shit out of either console, while letting you use a mouse for aiming(something that's ALWAYS fun to rub in console gamers faces)!!! Doing it this way, not paying for PSN or LIVE membership, your PC upgrades will literally pay themselves off within a year or two.

    Consoles just aren't in ANY way competitive for the people who already own desktops, even outdated or low-budget ones. Plus, you then get the additional benefit of your pc tasks being MUCH faster and more enjoyable.

  2. pls dont use long unskippable ads. as youtube says. it makes viewers likely to click away.

  3. is there anyone who knows an basic abc walk through of what the fuck do all of those numbers and terms mean? jeez. newbies such as myself need a freaking coloring book type of introduction to pc building

  4. just wondering for the Gaming Build can use the motherboard asus m5a99fx pro r2.0  ??  and it will better or the same?? or can u recommend one

  5. Well I sold my Xbox one and I'll build a pc, fx 6300, 8 gb ram, r9 270x. And I was really worried thinking if that build would run future games.. but I'll tell you something… xbox one's games are at 720 and 900p, and it still looks awesome, I play fifa and street fighter 4 in my laptop at 800×600, and I really enjoy it.. so it's ok for me to play a couple of years 1080 and then 720…. o.o games are cheaper, mods are awesome and online cost just your internet…

  6. the price is totally wrong there, it applies to those who have no PC whatsoever at home :)) I mean who doesn't have a computer these days? You don't have to buy Windows, because I suppose if you use your PC you already have it. You don't have to buy Blue Ray Reader for the PC, that is totally optional on pc's since most games we're downloading from servers. You don't have to buy a new tower unless you can't possibly fit the new parts in your old one.
    So that is cutting down the total price to 206$ less. and if your PSU can handle the load (in most cases there's no point upgrading that unless it's really bad) that's another 69$ less. Totaling about 275 $ lower price from what you were talking about there

  7. A long time ago in a galaxy far far away. Oh wait. Amd and nvidia lowered w
    Their prices. You can build a stronger rig then the ps4 for half the price now

  8. I know this is an older video so I'm not responding to it.
    Windows 10 is gonna be free for a year when it comes out, you can really drop the price from that if it all goes correctly.
    And Windows 10 is Windows 7 on steroids.

  9. I remember in the 80's and 90's PC were waaaaayyyyy ahead of consoles like Mega Drive, Master System, Amiga even better than PC, Most of PC games were just for PC's because consoles couldn't handle the graphics and sound, it was uncomparable, but now consoles are turning the table, consoles are getting closer and closer and for a cheaper price.

  10. While it's true that consoles are a great deal as far as the amount of hardware you get for the money they are good for games only and don't let you do anything else worth a crap.

  11. Well, i've played all systems… I'll start with my input from Xbox to ps4 to pC
    Xbox is less ram power than that of PS4 and the resolution is not so great with all its games with reduced frame rate due not efficient power. ( overall not worth buying for the price, its more of a TV box than a system.)

    PS4 more powerful with better resolution size with great framerate and power with GDDR5 Ram that gives what they promise for games potential. ( Was cheaper than Xbox one when released and lives up to the promise for a great product.

    PC is what your money allows you to make it, it can be insanely good if you can afford it, but if your poor you can only dream… (PC can do whatever you want it to do if you got enough money, consoles can't compare…)

  12. My rig is an AMD FX-8320 chip with 8 gigs DDR3 1866 memory and an old GTX650Ti on an ASRock 990FX Extreme3 mobo.
    That's a so-so system even back then. And it runs WAY better than my brothers PS4 on the same titles with side by side comparison.
    I can even make a ramdisk that loads games so much faster. And items don't pop into view like they do on the console. Like grass and tree's in Skyrim for example.
    Higher settings, higher resolution, better frames, the works.

    Was way cheaper to build than $500 even back then.

    Use Linux ffs and save money. You also get better processing power. Linux still has a far better selection of games than PS4 from Steam alone.

    And blueray? Really?
    Are people still using disks?
    Haven't we all merged to online streaming like Vudo?
    Hell I can even upload my old DVD's to my library on there and get HD versions back to me in a stream.

    And for a monitor, use your TV. It should have an HDMI. That's what you would do with your PS4.
    If not, there are cheap adapters.

  13. I like watching videos like this months later just to see how poorly the predictions came out.

  14. I am old school gamer like you and this is the first time I have become excited about a console. I have the 360 and I am so glad I waited. Microsoft is going to let this monster build up to a crescendo -lol.

  15. no way is that 8 core cpu going to be even 20% as fast as the 5960x id be more likely to compare it to a i5

  16. 1:15– amd will do multithreading NOW? omg friend… amd is trying the multithreading thing for ages now with no luck. Zen strongest feature is not multithreading but hopefully strong high ips cores.

  17. Solid reasoning there bud. Got yourself a new sub. Keep up the good work. Btw, just as a side note, seeing as the videogame pricing has increased in general for about ~20%, it'd be reasonable to assume that the "premium" tag they've mentioned together with Scorpio so many times would make its final price be closer to 499 than 399, but I think for 4k, that'd still be acceptable (since the PC alternative would still be more expensive).

  18. the i7 series is not meant for gaming though, and stop talking about tflops, they don't mean anything, all they are is the best possible experience for the perfect instances and nothing in life is perfect so it literally means it can be better maybe at sometimes, the scorpio upscales its not native 4k the amd r9 380 can upscale to 4k and only loses 3fps
    you're build is comparing 4k native to a console that upscales so it's really unfair of a comparison

  19. Is this like a best case scenario? Thanks for the digging mate but these information seems a bit too speculated. I mean I hope it's true, AMD has fallen back a bit lately and if they really push that hard this will be great for us all.

  20. Consoles are moving forward waaaawww!!! 4k that's great the 8K monitor I got 2 months ago must be going out of date.

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