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Original XBOX BUYING GUIDE & Top Games


Original XBOX BUYING GUIDE & Top Games


  1. For me this is a sexy machine, with that manly X on it!

    Ive never heard that people had problem with the design.

  2. My Xbox is from December 2001! (Just bought it last year) 😀 My driver 3 doesn't want to read.. I had it cleaned numerous times but to no avail. Ughh I love the game to.

  3. The original Xbox is the only console worth collecting since there's no emulator capable of running its games thus making collecting actually worthwhile.

  4. The original Xbox was the first console I owned that wasn't a Nintendo. I had a NES, SNES, N64, but I didn't like the GC at all, so I skipped it and moved to the Xbox. The Xbox is one hell of a big, heavy, ugly brick. I treasure my old Nintendo consoles, but I'd have no qualm in binning my old Xbox. The only thing bigger and uglier than the console itself, was that controller – and it was so uncomfortable.

  5. I have the Halo and MTN dew console. each of which is worth pretty close to around 400 a piece.

  6. I just discovered your Channel, and I've got to say, I'm loving it. I love hearing you and your guests talk about all these old games. It's extremely nostalgic. Keep up the good work!

  7. Many xbox games can still be played online via a pc program called XLINK KAI. a group of us xlink kai users play mechassault 1 and 2 on friday and saturday nights 9pm central time. Saturday night is the big main game.

  8. I got 2 Xbox someday I'll find a way to fix the disk tray. Ohh I'd have that chick tie me up and do naughty things to me lol

  9. Whoa…those are some really big big big…..controllers! Another gr8 video! You're channel rocks!!

  10. Just did a massive ebay hunt. FINALLY own the xboxs ive been eyeing. Now own the halo SE, halo 2 blue, mtw dew, skeleton black with box, and crystal….there goes the bank account hahaha

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