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Operation Flashpoint: Red River Review


Operation Flashpoint: Red River Review


  1. having played through dragon rising i kinda had high hopes for this but the lack chopper insertions and extractions and limited roll you played made the game forgettable. A editor would redeemed the campaigns shortcomings. shamefully i cant see another flashpoint game ever happening again, still at least we have arma 3

  2. Loved this game, I feel that it is reasonably realistic simulation of modern Afghanistan-like combat. Especially at the beginning of the game, wish they had kept it with us fighting the Taliban though. It just didn't have the same feel after China showed up.

  3. nobody is willing to pay anything an get fucked over for the third time with this buggy half done crap

  4. So im lost at which game to get. dragon rising I think has more of a arma feel to it but its ai sucks but its multiplayer is better then red river. Red river on the other hand is better ai with better graphics but multiplayer isnt near as good and is getting a more feel that a normal first shooter like bf has which one do u guys recommend? of if i do get it it will be for a ps3. one other question are the servers for the 2 games still up?

    It is pretty hard so….. yeah that game was ugly(NOOBS said)
    As for me it was one of the most awesome and realistic FPS games i ever played n i really enjoyed playing it <3

  6. As a NAVY veteran AND LE Officer, I have played through the Dragon Rising, and now just completed Red River, and was impressed by the vastly IMPROVED AI. (Let's not forget IMPROVED gun sounds, and weapon modeling!)

    Yes, they (AI) do cross your fire zones from time to in combat, but it also happens in real combat; albeit not as often.

    I thought the simulation of the tactics and immersive ness of the dynamic combat/situational awareness was the best I've seen yet. I consistently had to employ team tactics to defeat/control objectives.

    MW2,MW3,BC3,BFBC2,BC4 etc; I've played them all. But, they all amount to what is run and gun action, with little or no tactics required (in the single player). I can tell you, this is NOW my favorite military shooter. (shooter sim?)

    As far as the LACK of online multiplayer, I say they made the right call. The resources were used VERY wisely! Look at BC3, servers are ghost towns.

    MP gameplay is only as good until the 'next big fps' comes out. You can still occasionally find servers on the big titles, but it's only a fraction of what it once was.

    With co-op gameplay, INCLUDING system link, friends, co workers, etc can play matches, FTE, campaign missions together for a long time after the games popularity has died down. Like I said, they made the right call.

  7. Did they stop creating a new Flashpoint? I haven't heard anything about it since Red River, which I liked but Dragon Rising was better. 

  8. Fucking sucks. I loved dragon rising. That was the Goldie lock zone for me. This is just another cod wannabe, and they fail hard at it. I liked dragon rising because of the hard work behind it. Everything in dragon rising is exactly how it is in real life. People say dragon rising sucks but just use a little imagination for your team mates and make up your own dialogue. Red river is not tactical at all. Some annoying dude that wont shut the fuck up and really annoys me. Cant fucking be tactical when u got some wannabehalf assed DI yelling in your ear

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