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Of Orcs and Men – Review


The artist formally know as Player Affinity has changed its image to Entertainment Fuse, and this multi-media site is jumping head-first into Focus Home Interactive’s new role-playing game Of Orcs and Men.

Of Orcs and Men - Review


  1. yeah the whole 'psychic rape' thing was really dumb. Great game, but it was clear the designer was going for shock value rather than giving any nuance or insight sexually traumatic experience.

  2. I really played this game to have some conclusion to the story started in Styx:Master of Shadows, which was an incredible stealth game. It was an OK game but the story was really good!

  3. Thanks for that helpful review.  I will have to try this game now.  It seems like a mix of older rpg elements and newer ones.  I really like the idea of being able to stop or pull back so you can plan how to handle an encounter.  It makes it more tactical.  It also looks like it is more on the quirky side and I like that.

    As far as your review, I appreciate that you spoke clearly, made sense and gave us useful information.  I know some people complained that you didn't give a clear verdict.  Thank you for that.  I don't need someone to tell me what to play.  I can make up my own mind.  If I am looking at a video review to show me what the game is like and bring out various aspects of the gameplay.  You did that.

  4. Styx Master of Shadows in definitely their best game. I am currently playing OOaM again, I've always loved Styx in it, he's just great. Master of Shadows is very different and I like the mechanics way better than the system they used here, but it's still fun.

  5. Goodish game, had a quite tough time at some parts. Some parts are complete bull like the final boss battle. That took me forever. Only enemy in the game that heals. Great music though. Funny thing is that I was on normal. Tried it on insane and couldn't get past the tutorial xD. Super difficult but ok

  6. I recently saw this game up to rent and stream on my ps4 so i was curious as to whether or not it was good enough to want to actually do so. I definitely want to play it now that ive seen this review. But should i buy it for pc? Or just pay 8 bucks and rent it for a month on my ps4? Decisions decisions.

  7. Seems like a sleeper hit, which is a shame, because it looked interesting without being to obnoxious with it's story and lore.

  8. Fantastic story! Beautiful world! Game play sucks! The line up attacks combat style, and control of two characters in combat was tedious and boring! The Goblin dies if you blink, and the Orc will rage taking control away form you (at which point he kills the goblin) unless you constantly burn turns to calm him down. If you do take the time to calm the Orc expect to get raped every time you do so. By the end of the game I was picking rage inducing attacks to get it over with, and just playing the Goblin through combat as support for a bot that gets stuck on corners. Once the Orc rages it is just as likely to turn, and attack the Goblin so combat becomes "Hit and run the fuck away!" The actual game play is just move, and fight. It's a "hack and slash" without any real control of the "hacking and slashing". The stealth play is like a bad joke as the enemies can only see the stealthed Goblin if its sucking their dick, or skull fucking the guy next to them. Linear levels, and bad game play aside. I really enjoyed it! But with out levels and game play your just watching a bad CG cartoon with a good story. I fill the game makers could do better, and look forward to the prequel Styx:Master of Shadows.

  9. I really don't understand why "linear" is such a bad word amongst the gaming community. There's more amazing "linear" games out there than arnt.

  10. Very nice and we'll informed review ^_^ love your choice of words, and simple, relatable metaphors that arnt over the top, you should be working for one of the bigger gaming companies, subscribed ^_^

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