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My xbox 360 controller turns of by itself when I fire a weapon while playing a game. Anybody know why?


This happens with all of our controllers and the battery level doesnt seem to matter.

It usually only happens when i am firing single shot weapon or one the has a large spread, like a shotgun.

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  1. If it happens with all your controllers, and the battery level doesn’t matter, then you must be accidentally pressing or holding down the xbox guide button (the big green X in the center).

    Unless you handle the controller differently while using single shot weapons, that couldn’t possibly be having any effect. The xbox doesn’t transmit information about what weapon you’re using to the controller.

    Of course, if you could tell us what games this happens with, it might help. Also, are you absolutely certain that the batteries are fully charged?

  2. Depends if every time you fire you’r controller vibrates if so than your Xbox has a problem in sending the right requests or its just maybe the battery case is not well plugged in the controller and when it vibrates it detaches itself.Hope i helped.

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