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My Ps3 Controller wont vibrate when i play MW2?


So my controller is working out fine. But it wont vibrate! Yesterday it was just fine. But everytime i try to shoot someone on MW2 it doesnt let me. I’ve gone into accessory settings and turned on the remote vibration thing. But it wont work. And while im playing my game i’ve clicked start and enabled the vibration. Wont work. Is it just old? I got it in DEcember. Thanks,


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  1. I know that if the battery is low it will not vibrate for power saving purposes. but other than that all thats in there is a gear and a nob thats heavier on one side than the other so when it spins it shakes. it it very possible this is jammbed and/or the gear is broken.

  2. What i would do is go to a Game Stop or Best Buy and ask them if they can see what is wrong. If they cant fix it buy a new controller. The same thing happen to me i just went and got a new controller.

    Hope i help.

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  3. Did you make sure you’re using the dualshock one? I always wonder why my controller doesn’t vibrate until I realize I was using the standard sixaxis that originally came with my PS3. If that doesn’t work you can always try to just turn off your controller and turning it one again. It might also be defective, in that case you might have to return it. Which is always a bummer!

    Hope you fix it!


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