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Mx vs Atv Untamed video review – Xbox 360


Here it is. My next video review. This time around I decided that since I recently reviewed Fuel, Mx vs. atv untamed would be a good game to review for those who often compare the two. Or for anyone who just loves the series, like me for example. Whoever you are, hope ya enjoy the review!



Mx vs Atv Untamed video review - Xbox 360


  1. yeah i just found out last night that Reflex is fucking horrible too! the whole shifting your body weight completely ruins the feel of the game! the older ones are way better!

  2. Nah. Alive is more focused on the realism aspect of it. And it is very realisitc. I found that people who ride MX or SX in real life like Alive, and fans of the older MX vs ATV games typically don't.

  3. i think people give this series too much crap. i've been playing ever since MX Unleashed, and each one seems to be pretty good, nothing to complain about. I just like the way playing MX Unleashed feels nearly 9 years after it's been released. Still a great game, even by today's standards.

  4. You said in the video that you can play hockey online. I only see it in splitscreen. Also is there not a way to change the camera in the hockey rink?

  5. this may sound stupid but how do you unlock endurocross? i beat all the other series AND I CANNOT UNLOCK THE REMANING 5 or what ever. idn and i cant find the store on the game.

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