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Moto Racer 4 Review


Moto Racer 4 Review

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  1. Is it really bad or are you just a bad rider? Because from what I´ve seen, it seems like you just strugle to keep a good racing line. It looks like you´re the problem, a game is only as difficult as your skill level.

  2. Sorry mate but it appears that you are a saturday night casual racer who plays games like forza horizon where the 1 player career mode is DIFFICULT to lose a race with rewinds ability to dumb down the difficulty to a 6 year olds skill level and still progress etc……This game is DEEP and the turbo system takes a bit of mastering to beat the career races if you dont BOTHER to learn the turbo system you wont progress…..Im having a BLAST with the game…..It very much reminds me of the original moto racer on the ps1 but now at a new level……BUT it is challenging you will have to upgrade your bikes as you progress and unlock new characters and bikes and then upgrade their bikes but that seems ALL TOO HARD for most people these days who seem to prefer a racer where its almost IMPOSSIBLE to lose!

  3. Please bear in mind, I am struggling to breathe at the minute as I am ill hahah so I apologise in advance

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