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Modded xbox 360 repair rrod?


hey i modded my 360’s hitachi firmware to ixtreme. i did this WITHOUT PEELING OFF THE STICKER. the stick is still FULLY INTACT. If/when i send it in will microsoft check the dvd firmware or will they just be like the sticker’s ok and send me a new/refurb one? AND when i turn my 360 on it only sometimes get the rrod.

should i just be safe and flash my hitachi drive back to its original firware?

thanks a lot

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  1. If you are worried and can put it back to its original firmware why not just put it back? Although if the firmware is just on the hard drive then I think you’d be ok as I don’t think you have to send the hard drive in (cuz you have saved data you’d want to keep and use)

    I have known of people getting away with mods. However, as it is illegal and Microsoft is likely to check the consoles then chances are you won’t get away with it. You could be in a lot of trouble for it.

  2. Yea theyll check MICROSOFT WILL CHECK and wont send you a thing BUT A FINE! probley they like that now.

  3. You wont get fined for that. the worst that would happen is they would simply send it back. modifying YOUR PROPERTY is not illegal even if the use of the mod may or may not be. your sticker is intacted NICE! they wont even notice. and even if they do it is already too late they have shipped you a xbox already. you dont get your xbox back when you send it in. they send you a refurbished or a brand new one. your modded xbox will most likely be decommissioned.

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