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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Review


Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Review


  1. I am unable to start the game called Marvel ultimate alliance 2 whenever try to run it,a message pops up showing "pure virtual function call r6025, run time error" and the game crashes i have tried reinstalling the game and and the installing the visual c++ too everything is updated but still receive the popup message please help me

  2. Which one is better the first ultimate alliance or second? I liked the second a lot but I forget the first.

  3. Sounds like you need to catch up on comics too. secret wars (the original) was about a bunch of heroes and villains being transported to battle world and fighting. Nothing to do with Nick Fury or Latveria.

  4. This was a decent sequel, but the original overpowers it in so many ways… the story was more gripping, there was a bigger diversity of characters, stronger cutscenes, way better villains.. i liked this game but damn is the original better.. I hope it gets a rightful third game that revolutionizes everything.

  5. I want them to make a proper avengers game with story not some shitty game on the App Store they focus more on Disney infinity which I don't want to play I want a good game with good graphics instead of a Pixar version of the avengers come on Disney you will make loads with a game like marvel ultimate alliance 3 it's pathetic the Lego avengers is really good but I want a game like ultimate alliance instead of copying marvel vs capcom

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