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Madden NFL 07 Xbox 360 Review – Video Review


Madden NFL 07 Xbox 360 Review - Video Review


  1. loved the original version for the ps2 and thought it was so much better than the ps3 version. It just didnt feel the same as the one I used to enjoy on the ps2

  2. DICK? you fucking faggot. no shit it has madden 25 on the middle above the logo its still madden 14 dumb fuck they just call it madden 25 cause its actually a 25 year Anniversary 1989-2014 there not ganna skip madden 14 then next year its madden 15 cmon dumbass think its still madden 14 / 25 years of madden Anniversary besides madden 25 wont officially be out till the new xbox 2 come out dumbass lmfao im not ganna waste my time arguin about a cover just google that shit ill let that do the talk

  3. its still madden 14 dumbass they just add 25 cause its a 25 year anniversary of madden. retard

  4. Ohhh, ok. you are one of those people who dosen't think about what he types before he hits post. Well, you could just ignore the obvious and say what you just said, or you can realize that first person football was just another exibition game mode. Not really anything even relatable to superstar mode. You think I am a fag. While I think you are a piece of shit who dropped out of school after 4th grade(your grammar told me that) and now you live in your parents basement hiding behind a keyboard.

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