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Last Night’s Wii Discussion


It seems today’s thinking is the Wii way of thinking.

Recently, my wife and I invited my sister, Ruth and her new boyfriend, Ian round for some lunch and good old conversation.(They have, incidentally, known each other for 30 years but only started courting two weeks ago!)

Anyhow, during the rich conversational session where topics included pregnancy, Pink Floyd, Johnson’s Baby Oil, the city of Cardiff, Radiography and Henry Kissinger – none of which are relevant to this article – we talked about the pricing of the Nintendo Wii!

Someone pointed out that of all the three big ones at the moment – PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii – the Nintendo Wii is actually the cheapest to buy, at around f179, but yet it is the most successful of the three aforementioned!

Of course, being cheap doesn’t always mean something is automatically cheap and nasty does it?!?!?! Sometimes its just down to good solid value for money!!! And us expert conversationalists discussed this point for nearly one whole hour!

The Nintendo Wii has proved through its sales figures that it is anything but cheap and nasty. Quite the contrary – it has proved to be both value for money and top quality.

We all decided that this was just the case here – a truly excellent console at a truly excellent price!

And it seems that the vast majority of the public folk feel the same. How do we know that? Take a look at the Wii’s sales figures – to date, nearly 25 million sold.! Does that not say it all?

I personally feel certain that the Nintendo Wii will go down in history as one of the best selling consoles in history. It is already thought to be the fastest selling in history. Time will determine if this will be fact or not. My assumption is that the Wii in fact will turn out to be the fastest selling console of all time.

That, however is my assumption. Let’s wait to see what the facts tell us very soon.

John Milligan.


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Submitted On June 07, 2008Console SystemsA rather strange initial discussion about totally irrelevant subjects eventually took us to a discussion regarding the pricing of the Nintendo Wii! Today’s thinking is the Wii way of thinking.nintendo wii, playstation 3, xbox 360, console, ps3, wii, console system, console games,

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