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Kinect 2.0 Costs As Much As Xbox One Console


Kinect 2.0 Costs As Much As Xbox One Console


  1. Honestly the reason I found it fishy was you always need it plugged in and that whole NSA bullshit came up around the time which is why I did not want it.
    That and I got the 1st one… played it for a week… never touched it again.

  2. Conspiracy theorist: "It costs so much because of the hardware the NSA put in the kinect, enjoy your DRM spying machine while I enjoy all the used games I want!"
    I'm pretty sure all of you remember reading that a year ago.

  3. the only excuse i can think of is vr but the Xbox one doesnt seem to be  powerfull enough to handle vr so i dont know  

  4. If however the hell PS4 ends up falling of the wheel and losing the war, they can drop the price to $350 and win it by a longshot. Dat ez. FUCK XBONE! LUV THE 360!

  5. Kind of a developer here.

    You can do so many awesome things with the Kenect. Mind you, I hate the XBOX1. It's a gaybox. Fuck it. But the Kinect system can do some pretty could things. Swing a crowbar in Dead island, fire and reload guns in Call of duty, hell make a fake gun as a controller and make it with kinect! I can throw my mag up and move my gun so it lands inside of it, slam the belt in close the fucker and pray 'n' spray. It's alot more fun then Square and R1.

  6. The only semi-productive use is using special voice commands on games that don't use motion controls

  7. Turns out you were right. The Kinect 2.0 was awful. And yay, Microsoft has offered a package without the piece of shit. The best thing they could do is gut out the kinect hardware that's actually built into the console and upgrade the CPU, Ram, GPU, and Hard drive. <3

  8. I sold my kinect. I have no use for it. Plus in competition play it sometimes likes to listen when it miss hears what your talking about. Completely personal reference to if you will like it and use it. 

  9. I love the logic behind so many conspiracy theorist minds.

    Mind you, I hate the XBOX One, I think it's a piece of shit. But that's not the point. The point is that the more I hear about it, the less I think the Xbone is a "front" for a spy device.

    First of all, if the government is trying to spy on you, putting it in a game console is pretty retarded. Only a small percentage of the entire US plays games regularly, and an even smaller percentage of that cares about the XBone. You would think they would make it appealing to everyone instead of acting like jack asses at the reveal.

    Second, the government doesn't need a fucking excuse to do anything. If they wanted to roll down your street tomorrow, walk into your house and install a camera, they could. Who's going to stop them, you and your hand gun? Anything the government wants to do, they could already do if they wanted. They don't need a shitty video game console to carry out a nefarious scheme.

  10. Makes you wonder whether M$ is really selling the Xbox One for entertainment or as a customer-funded surveillance device – a mass control tool. There's a long history of ulterior motives in politics and business (which are very similar.)

  11. A big part of the cost is the analysis hardware/software in the XB1 itself. They have made a marketing/spying machine with a weak media centre frontend.

  12. If this is true its just another piece of the jigsaw..Its not about the games think about it:
    1, There is a myth (Google it) Microsoft contains back door Trojans (in its operating system) So if intelligence agencies need remote access to your computer and have the authority it can easily do so.
    2, In the end of the movie Zeitgeist the conclusion was every living person will be tagged and ID'd in the future. Even though the movie was controversial and some parts could'nt proved. The way things are going in reality it doesn't look like the conclusion of the film was far off.
    3, Microsoft is a worldwide super organization with I'm assuming links to the government. Don't you think its a tad bit strange that the company attempts to invent a machine which is always on even when its off, kinect is in standby mode always listening for your voice. Even when you just want to watch the TV its always has to be on, sure you can cover it up but its still listening. 
    Personally I believe the machine is camouflaged as a gaming console considering that is the only same brand machine that the majority of the worlds population possess. And millions of families watch TV everyday and most likely leave the mains switched on for the entire day.

    You can say I'm far off here or a conspiracy theorist that's trying to jump to reach for a branch on an imaginary tree. But don't you think there is someone on a pedestal somewhere maybe government maybe a hacker group like Anonymous thinking the exploitation of this machine is definitely possible for espionage purposes. All the covers are already in place. They just need someone to target.

  13. I'm amazed nobody thought of it but, if everyone has a Kinect, doesn't that give developers more freedom as In to developing games which require the Kinect. If everyone has it and it's better than the old one, developers won't be afraid to add features with Kinect to their games 🙂

  14. So far from the vast majority of the comments I've read of people who have both systems, the Kinect is giving the edge to XBox One over the PS4. It feels fresher over just a system specs upgrade.

  15. if it costs that much no wonder the console sucks. . . its actually (console only) cheaper than the ps4

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