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jus got an xbox 360 and i want 2 kno how 2 connect 2 xbox live!?


my cuzn told me i needed 2 get sum expensive cable but the elite was like 400 wif halo 3 like 600 so my mom wont let me get the cable. do i reele need 2 get ne thing xtra 4 it? thx in advance

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  1. Like the guy above me said, you’ll need an ethernet cable. Although I’m pretty sure they are more than 10 dollars. Maybe you can get a short one for ten dollars, but unless your Xbox is right next to your modem you’ll need a better, longer one. Most of them are 20 bucks and up. I was just at circuit city the other day and most of them ran about 32 bucks. And yeah you’ll also need a Xbox live membership. I would get the 49.99 dollars a year deal. That’s like a little over 4 bucks a month! Much cheaper then paying monthly

  2. It’s a $10 cable, not very expensive.

    It’s called a Ethernet Cable, you can buy them from any good computer store,

    Plug it into your Xbox 360, and the other end into your router/gateway and your set.

    If you want to play online though you need to pay, it’s about $9 (AUS) a month.

    Go to my link if you still need help

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