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Is my credit card at risk due to the hackers that hacked PS3? If so, what should I do!!?



  1. simply phone the toll free number on the back of the card. say you have a credit card associated with a playstation network account and are unsure if it was compromised : you have two options , either tell the person you wish to set up a fraud alert on the card and be informed by e-mail , phone or text immediately if there’s suspicious activity on the account or ask to have the card suspended and a replacement card issued.

    which option you choose depends on how worried you are your information was actually stolen – Sony says the card numbers and expiration dates of psn users may have been stolen but they don’t have the activation codes from the back of the cards so it can’t be used.

  2. The safest thing to do would be to call our CC company and explain to them what happened and then report your card lost or stolen! They will then issue you a new one with a completely new number!

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