Home Xbox Forum Is Mafia Game compatible for xbox 360?

Is Mafia Game compatible for xbox 360?


Is mafia original xbox game is compatible for XBOX 360?

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  1. No, unfortunately it is not :((

    Microsoft has a list of original xbox games that are compatible. Only those games on the list, can be played on the Xbox 360. [url is not allowed].

    Mafia™ is not on the list :((

    [url is not allowed].

    Even more sad news is that the backward compatibility games list is no longer updated. Therefore, the list on the Xbox.com Web site represents the final set of backward-compatible games. [url is not allowed].

    I think the Don should send some guys over to Microsoft and make them wiseguys an offer they can’t refuse.

  2. For now,it isn’t,you may have to wait some time until Microsoft makes another update.

    Note:If you are not signed into Xbox LIVE,go to Xbox.com or xboxstorageupdate.com for more details.

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