Home Playstation Forum Is any HDMI cable good for ps3?

Is any HDMI cable good for ps3?


i wanted to get a hdmi cable for my ps3 but should i get a cheap one

is there any difference between an expensive?

Im trying to get the one in this website below

[url is not allowed]

do you guys think its good enough?

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  1. Yes, my experiences is that any HDMI-cable works with PS3. But if you’re going to buy a cable that is more than 5-meter I would have bought an HDMI-cable from a well-know manufacturer.

  2. There is a difference between expensive and budget HDMI cables. It revolves around the quality of the cable build and the materials used. The question is whether this will affect my set up. First you should determine the length between your source and your display. If this is less than 15 feet a “standard” cable will be ok. If it is more than 15 feet you are best to consider a “high speed” cable. Make sure that you buy from a reputable source and that the cable is marked with the HDMI logo and says that it is a version 1.3 (don’t worry about a, b or c as these are only testing protocols) If you live in a coastal or high humidity area it is worth considering getting a cable with gold connectors. While this will not improve your signal it will stop corrosion degrading the signal over time.

    Some people assume that as the signals are digital either the cable works or not. Sometimes however the 1s and 0s aren’t all there because of signal degradation due to inferior cable construction. That can be especially true with audio and video sources such as CDs and DVDs. The signal will degrade gracefully, to a point and then it will break up. Music and video is not like data. Digital signal processors can work with a degraded signal and deliver less than perfect sound and pictures.

    You can never improve a digital signal by using an expensive cable but you can certainly degrade a signal using an inferior cable.

    It is pretty difficult to build an HDMI high speed cable that uses good materials, is properly tested to the standard, and has a lifetime warranty to sell for less than $30. However you do not need to spend a fortune unless you have very specific performance requirements or need an extra long cable.

    If you want to know more about the HDMI interface and HDMI cables you can download the free 21 page ebook “HDMI Demystified” at the following link.

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  3. yes there all basically very similar i got mine for 40 bucks a piece and it looks great for both the satellite tv and also the ps3

  4. You definitly don’t need one of the really expensive ones, that’s just a rip-off. All HDMI cables are fine, as long as they are physically made well, (not glued together with prit-stik). $10-$15 should get you a good enough one:)

  5. If the difference between PS3 and TV is less than 3m – any cable will do the job. If more – get a good brand, like Sony, Monstercable, etc.

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