Home Playstation Forum Im getting a PS3 tonight. Games?

Im getting a PS3 tonight. Games?


What game, GTA: 4 or Call of Duty 4, reasons please

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  1. gta4, you will get more of your moneys worth, 56 hours it took me to beat single player, where on cod4 it took me 6 hours to beat single player. and cod4 online gets boring after about 20 hours, but gta4 has much more replay value online because of free mode and racing, not just shooting eachother all the time

  2. Ummm, how bout Metal Gear Solid 4? Check out the reviews. Then get GTA 4, and then Call of Duty 4. A lot of 4’s here, I think it’s telling us something here.

  3. Grand Theft Auto 4 for Freedom you can walk around all city. Steal cars Great Muiltplayer up to 1- 16 players Great Storyline.

    Call of duty 4 for Third person shooter Great Story line Good Mulitplayer. support 1-10 players online

    I would go for Grand Theft Auto 4

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