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How to Play Other People Online with Xbox 360


How to Play Other People Online with Xbox 360

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  1. This dosent help me at all.I already have a xbox live account,i just want to play online with random people but when ever i try to play multiplayer.There's this pop-up that my profile is not allowed.I need help to fix this!

  2. it says my gamer profile does not have correct permissions to acces this feature..what should i do?

  3. My Xbox is connected to the internet. I get on Youtube with it and everything but when I play a game where it allows you to play against others online, it says that I am not connected.

  4. Hey guys and girls check on my YouTube channel so if you have a phone tap on my Account but if you have a computer do whatever you need to do but don't type up my Account it won't work trying to show me some support I'm also uploading these videos on my phone so don't blame me because I do not have the money to buy a camera yet or a setup so I will try to upload videos when I can

  5. I recommend buying the Xbox live Gold membership card at Game stop because you can get it for year and a couple months but you have to find that certain one

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