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How Much can I get for my Halo Edition Xbox 360 + 25 Games and Warrant?


Halo edition xbox 360, plus 25 games, 2 wireless controllers, 1 arcade stick, hdmi cable, headset, ethernet.

Limited Edition Halo Xbox 360 console (No Longer Made comes with original box)

Microsoft 120 gig Hard Drive (Instead of Stock 20 gig Hdd)

Hdmi Cable

Audio out Dongle (Allows for separate audio when connected via Hdmi)

1 Halo Green wireless controller

1 LE Covenant Halo Edition wireless controller

1 Play n charge kit

1 Madcatz Arcade stick

1 Halo Green Headset

Grand Theft Auto 4

Ninja Gaiden 2

Gears of War

Stuntman Ignition

Def Jam Icon

Rainbow Six Vegas

Naruto Rise of Ninja

Need For Speed Carbon

Perfect Dark Zero Collectors Edition

Monster Madness

Dead Rising

Half Life 2

John Woo’s StrangleHold


Project Gotham Racing 4

Open Season

Guitar Hero 3 (No Guitar)

Fantastic 4 Rise of Silver Surfer

Armored Core 4

Dynasty Warriors Gundam


Forza Motorsport 2

Marvel Ultimate Alliance

Lost Planet

Vampire Rain

Not Modded, warranty ends Nov.2010, games come with case+booklet.

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  1. I think that you can get MUCH MUCH more than what the other guy was talking about.

    If you try on Ebay I’m thinking that you could get around 1,200 bucks to 1,300 bucks. If you can’t find anyone that wants to buy all that stuff at ounce; try selling certain games and things individualy. If you take it to Gamestop or something like that then they wont give you *, but i guess if you can’t find anywhere else, you could atleast get some money.

    Good luck.

  2. prob 7 maybe 8? idk im sure you could get a bundle if you post it on ebay and start it at 7

    Keep in mind these games are used and the system isnt brand new.

  3. Ok i dont know why the idiots that answered (not you Dev) said that 50 dollar xbox 360 games will sell for 2 dollars but anyway I would say all in all you could get 500-750 dollars on ebay in a bundle because of the specialness of halo 3 editions and all the games. you have 25 games so thats 25×50= 1,250 dollars plus tax and some probably cost 60 bucks and some probably cost 30 bucks depending on when you got them and the extra halo edition controller and the 30 dollar madcatz gaming stick (which i never heard of until now and then i looked it up on google). The reason it would be cheaper though is because no one is going to buy an xbox 360 with games and stuff for money thats in the thousands so if you want more bang for your buck sell some games separately and maybe the special edition controller and madcatz stick but dont split the halo headset, halo xbox, and the regular green halo controller up.

  4. all of that would trade in for about 350 give or take a few dollers. but perfect dark zero only trades in for $2 so instead of trading it give it to a friend. but you will get about 350 but thats an estamate by a dumb person=] you will probably get loads more.

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