Home Xbox Forum How do I know if my xbox 360 headset works or not?

How do I know if my xbox 360 headset works or not?


I cant go online bcause I dont have it hooked up but I have the headset and it looks like its broken. I mean the xbox didnt show anything when I connected it to my xbox, so how do I know if it works with out going online?

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  1. There usually isn’t anything to indicate if a headset is attached unless you are playing multiplayer. If you have a game that allows for multiplayer via system link, then you could start a game that way and it should show when you are using the headset.

  2. If it’s a wireless headset, there will be a charge indicator in the guide for the headset, but if it is a wired headset you are using, there is no indicator for it on the guide menu.

    As for how to test it while offline, I haven’t found a way to do it myself, however, there is probably a way to do it without needing to be online. My usual way of testing is to record a message then listen to it.

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