Home Playstation Forum How can i connect my PS3 to my old pc monitor?

How can i connect my PS3 to my old pc monitor?


I have an old PC monitor which doesnt support 1080p. Im using a dvi to hdmi cable to connect my PS3. But when I turn on my PS3 the screen turns black and nothing shows. How do i fix this? It works fine with my Xbox 360 but doesnt seem to work with my PS3

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  1. You need an actual converter box. The PS3 uses HDCP which doesn’t convert with just a cable adapter, so you need something to convert the signal.

  2. You do not need a converter to go from HDMI to DVI – a passive adapter /cable will do the job and pass HDCP (at least for video – DVI – Digital Visual Interface – is video only – no audio). The digital video signals carried on HDMI and DVI are the same kind of video signals so an active converter is not necessary. See here for confirmation:

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    Because it works with your Xbox 360 but not with the PS3 I suspect it’s your monitor that is not HDCP Compliant (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection). Without knowing the make/model # of your monitor I can’t be absolutely positive, but this is what the symptoms suggest, as it is well known that Microsoft does not employ HDCP in their Xbox gaming software but Sony does. Have you tried playing DVDs on the Xbox 360? My guess is if you have and it didn’t work, it’s the CSS coding and HDCP implementation in HDMI and DVI that prevented it (if you haven’t tried it, do so to confirm whether or not the monitor is in fact HDCP compliant). See here for more on HDCP:

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    Unfortunately, although there are ways of dealing with HDCP the legality of defeating or skirting anti-copying measures is questionable and therefore beyond discussion in this forum. Searching for answers may help you figure it out, but the best solution is to use HDCP equipment, or use analog signals (VGA for example, which WOULD require a converter, BUT which gamers complain introduces unacceptable lag in fast moving game play). Write back with Additional Details if you can use VGA and want info on converters that are HDCP compliant. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news – but good luck!

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