Home Playstation Games H1Z1 vs. DayZ – Which Zombie Survival Game Is Right For You?

H1Z1 vs. DayZ – Which Zombie Survival Game Is Right For You?


H1Z1 vs. DayZ - Which Zombie Survival Game Is Right For You?

DayZ on PS4: WILL IT SUCK? - Inside Gaming Daily


  1. H1z1 has quests like getting lockey keys from zombie drops rare when they die and go to hospital filled with pvp + zombies. and special screamer zombie, you get awesome loot but yea do h1z1 > dayz. dayz you find weapon + ammo then you die 1 min later and h1z1 you just find instantly therefore h1z1 is better, Dayz is running simulator h1z1 is not.

  2. Is DayZ still Worth? I have been waiting about 1 or 2 years to buy my PC . When I finally get It people say DayZ sucks now. Damn world. I dont want to waste my money with something that wont be Worth in one or Two years

  3. lmfao, its so obvious gamespot has been payed to hype up h1z1. Alot of the shit he mentioned to be exclusive, is in dayz aswell. ahahaha

  4. H1Z1's graphics are attrocious. And dayz is a kill fest with no social aspect but getting shot, but hey i play friendly servers so.

  5. here we are, a year later and I can answer your question: Day z is the worst game I have ever played. Boring, slow paced, SHITTY animation and movement mechanics, map is WAY tooo large. Not enough players per server, nothing but a fuck fest of fuckery, the only way these types of games can survive, are PRIVATE ROLE PLAY COMMUNITIES, because the average server is just nothing but fuckery. The game is garbage pure and simple. Got it like a week after it came out, and this game is STILL fucking garbage. Worst 30 dollars ever spent, THEY SHOULD PAY YOU TO PLAY THAT CRAP.

  6. $50 million dollars and they make it on the worst engine made in the last 10 yrs, fuck you BOHEMIA

  7. Me and my friends will still buy it no mater what state it comes out in I support the makers and thats what it think is right

  8. Hehe Pc development is basically on hold or a slow process because the development is focused on console. Like the creator said, you would be stupid not to.

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