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Graphics Card Specs: The Basics


Graphics Card Specs: The Basics


  1. There is nothing wierd about watts with thermal dissipation, watts is not just used for electricity, itTis used for everything involved with energy as 1W=1J/s so if you have a 45W TDP(random number…) your device is dissipating 45J/s of thermal energy as a 125W cpu is using 125J/s of electrical energy, and some of the energy in that 125W will be wasted as heat, like everything in existance…

  2. Good video… excellent simplified explanations. I'm trying to decide between an 8gb RX 480 (MSI, Powercolor Red Devil, or HIS, which is VERY hard to find in U.S.) or 6gb GTX 1060 (MSI, Gigabyte, or ASUS Strix) or … guh!

    There are more reviews favoring the 480 for DX12 and Vulkan, especially down the road, and a major concern is getting stuck with 6GBs VRAM for the next 3+ years once I make this decision when I could've gotten eight. Then again, MOST titles are still DX11 and performing better on a 1060 for NOW… you see how this is.

    Sometimes it's hard not being a fanboy. Those guys just blindly go in one direction… I actually have to make an informed decision.

  3. I Clicked on the box at the END OF THE VIDEO… BUT IT DOES NOT TAKE ME TO THE CUTE GIRL >.<
    WHERE IS THAT VIDEO of the girl in the white shirt? WE DEMAND THE CUTE GIRL'S VIDEO >.< !!

  4. i m new to this channel bt can anyone tell me wht is difference between ncix and linus tech tips

  5. so..is a MSI GTX 1050 2GT LP good for games like the witcher 3, GTA V, watch_dogs 2, and DOOM 4?

  6. so in other words its a total monopoly and they're only making little slight improvements and selling them as new cards instead of making the best with what they can do right now. right.

  7. I have a game that used to work fine but now will often freeze for 5 seconds. Do I need a better GPU?

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