Gamestop Used PS4 Unboxing

Gamestop Used PS4 Unboxing


Gamestop Used PS4 Unboxing



  1. At the start u said u bout it second hand because everyone has seen the new unboxing vid so u got a second hand one, but I think Yu jst didn't want to spend heaps of money on the console, but I'm not judging u in a bad way cause a bought mine second hand

  2. man u should have waited until now to get a used ps4 from gamestop they are only $269.99 for 500gb I'm guessing in April 2014 u paid about 500.

  3. did they state what was refurbished on PS4 ? did it come with any warranty.I can get one now for 315 at gamestop refurbished . Is it worth it to save some money ? thanks

  4. So… I am planning to buy a PS4… But the thing is… I plan to buy 4 games… Watch Dogs 2 (still not sure), GTA V, Uncharted Nathan Drake collection, and Uncharted 4: A thief's end.. But that takes 150+ GB…. And I'm still planning to buy like Persona 5 and all that… So which one do I buy? 500GB or 1TB

  5. pls someone help me i bought the battlefront darth vader edition ps4, sinds it came out and i know its kinda hot sometimes but i haven't had such big issues soo this video gave me a regret feeling wich is not nice to have soo please someone help me. (i am serious) :(

  6. i have the slim and it barley makes a sound i absolutely enjoy that . i play shooters but put volume low to avoid hearing so much noise and it is bliss super quiet. it does get a little warm around the power connection but what works for me is sitting it on a glass table it helps the heat pass and not get trapped under the system .its just plain glass thin glass though i think tempered glass would not work

  7. My 1TB is Matt finish, think red dragon has a garage full of 500gb ps4 to sell, besides you can now use external drives with ps4

  8. I own a PlayStation 4 1TB and nothing happens when playing it for a long time so whats the big deal about PS4 1TB?

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